Top Knobs’ luscious Honey Bronze finish has rapidly become one of our most highly sought after finishes across our vast array of product offerings. Homeowners and interior designers alike are drawn to the warm, inviting, irresistibly captivating hues of Honey Bronze, which lends both comfort and glam to interior spaces. Distinguished by its stylish spin on traditional bronze and brass finishes, Honey Bronze adds a softer, more golden tone. But what’s the secret behind Honey Bronze’s alluring charm? Read on to discover!

1: Bring on the Warmth!

Out with the cool tones, in with the warm ones! The resurgence of warm shades in interior design has gained momentum in recent years, with gold, brass and bronze tones taking center stage. Offering the perfect fusion of traditional brass and modern rose gold, Honey Bronze provides a rich, warm aesthetic to interiors, making it highly appealing to those seeking to depart from the cooler finishes.

2: Limitless Possibilities

Popular amongst so many different design aesthetics, Honey Bronze is highly versatile and effortlessly harmonizing with a diverse range of cabinet materials, colors and styles. Coupled with white cabinetry, Honey Bronze offers the perfect hint of luster. When paired with darker wood cabinetry, this hue amps up the ambiance, creating an air of elegance and sophistication.

3. Add a Radiant Glow

A nod to Hollywood glam, Honey Bronze introduces a touch of radiance to interiors with the perfect amount of subtle yet captivating luminosity. Far from overpowering, Honey Bronze provides a subtle, eye-catching glow that creates a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

4. Endless Styles

From knobs and pulls to hooks and latches, Top Knobs is proud to offer our trending Honey Bronze finish in an extensive array of styles. Whatever your design may require, Top Knobs offers a wide range of options to explore. Click here to shop all of our collections and suites available in Honey Bronze.

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