Top Knobs invites designers to our online community, “The Top Knobs Design Board.”

What is the Top Knobs Design Board?

  • The Top Knobs Design Board is a community of designers who are interested in receiving information and samples of new products and promotions from Top Knobs.
  • In exchange for your information, we will send you monthly updates and opportunities to review. We will never sell or share this information. And we will send you a badge that you can place on your site to signify your membership in our community.
  • Being a member is not an endorsement of our products. You are under no obligation to buy from Top Knobs or to receive samples to review online unless you opt-in to do so upon receiving a notice from our monthly newsletter.
  • We hope that this relationship will become a two-way street over time and that you can help to influence our message, brand and products. It’s called a Design Board partly because of the Top Knobs boards that designers carry in their showrooms. But also because we feel this will become a “sounding board” for inspiration, ideas and more.

How does a designer join?

  • Any designer is invited to participate as long as you are an active design professional.
  • When you are approved for the community, you will receive our monthly newsletter filled with opportunities and also a badge signifying your membership.

To apply, please fill in the information below. For questions, please email us here.

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