Top Knobs Presents Coddington, An Alluring New Line of Industrial-Inspired Decorative Hardware

Top Knobs, the leading manufacturer of decorative kitchen and bath hardware, enhances its prestigious product line with the Coddington Collection. Unfolding a realm of versatility, Coddington is comprised of five suites of knobs, pulls and appliance pulls that embody the industrial design movement.

Coddington knobs and pulls, Coddington collection

Scored with nuances of ribbed detailing, sleek lines and refined physiques, each piece in the collection delivers restrained opulence. It is these features, combined with modern metal finishes that elevate living spaces with unprecedented decadence.

“The design industry as a whole, is finding itself in a period of rebirth, with a heavy emphasis on a raw and pure aesthetic,” mentions Christine Zimmer, Top Knobs Product Manager. “Much like the Industrial Revolution for which it is named after, the ideology behind the Industrial design genre focuses on mechanics, form and function. This is the philosophy we are bringing to Coddington, a minimalist perspective that allows decorative elements to be the main attraction of a space.”

Coddington Collection Details

  • 252 pieces
  • Five series: Coddington, Dustin, Holden, Lawrence, and Langston
  • Knobs available in the Coddington, Dustin and Holden series
  • Pulls available in all 5 series ranging in size from 3 3/4” cc to 12” cc
  • Appliance pulls in all 5 series available in sizes 12” cc and 18” cc
  • Finishes: Ash Gray, Brushed Satin Nickel, Flat Black, Honey Bronze, Polished Chrome and Polished Nickel
  • MSRP: $10.15-$189.20

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Summer 2023 Design Trends to Follow | Top Knobs

The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the water is getting clearer. Summertime is finally here! In celebration of the official start of summer, we’re sharing the hottest trends that are a must to follow this season.

Mixed Metal Finishes

Say goodbye to single-tone finishes. This summer, we expect to see more mixing and matching of fixture finishes throughout the whole home! Combining multiple metals in the same room adds a layer of visual interest while upping the design ante with contemporary flair.  Looking for an easy way to incorporate this trend into your home? Try our Bit Pulls.

Coastal Colors

Summer brings brighter days, fresh greenery and savory sensations of the crisp ocean air. Why not reflect the beautiful shades of nature in your home? This season, the color story taking center stage is a coastal-inspired palette. We’re expecting to see all the seafoam greens and classic blues taking over indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only is this color scheme perfect for adding a dose of the seaside to a room, natural color schemes can reduce stress, increase productivity and creativity and make you feel overall more happy!

A Stripe of Pattern

A timeless summertime staple, stripes are a classic summer trend that will never go out of style. Whether you’re refreshing the living room with a striped throw or adding a new striped rug to your outdoor patio, linear patterns can infuse energy into any space. Looking for the perfect hardware to compliment your summer style? Try the Top Knobs Selection Tool.

Light, Bright & White!

What’s a more enduring look than white? There’s no better time than summer to refresh a room with bright, white walls!  Adding this milky hue to interiors establishes a clean, light feeling while also making a room feel much larger than it is. White walls also lend the perfect backdrop for colorful artwork, furniture and statement decorative accents, making it the perfect canvas if your style is always changing for the season. For a stunning contrast, try mixing our Flat Black finish with your white cabinetry and walls.

Natural Materials

Bringing elements of nature indoors gives an organic touch to spaces. This summer, we anticipate a rise in the use of raw materials. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton will grace interiors such as curtains, throw pillows and furniture upholstery. While cabinets and furniture enhanced by warm wooden textures create a welcoming atmosphere. Looking for hardware to complement natural materials? Browse our 2023 Catalog to shop over 4,500 decorative hardware styles.

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Freshen Up Your Home With Top Knobs 

It’s the season for rejuvenation and renewal! If you’re considering an interior refresh, we invite you to draw some inspiration from some of our favorite design tips that are sure to freshen up your home for the warm weather: 

Decorate with Florals 

A simple way to welcome the season into your home is with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Enhancing your kitchen, bath, bedroom or living space with greenery is a timeless and inexpensive way to refresh your space for the warm weather. Seasonal favorites like daffodils or tulips elevate interiors with powerful colors.  

Add a Pop of Color 

Adding subtle pops of color throughout the home is an effortless way to decorate for the warm weather. Adorning seating with a bright throw blanket, fun accent pillows or a bold painting is an easy way transform a space with personality. Our knobs from the Crystal collection are the perfect accessory to infuse punchy pigments to your cabinetry! 

Organize Your Home  

As cliché as it may sound, this season truly is the perfect time of the year to declutter and rearrange the home. Purging unused items or deep cleaning areas that may have been overlooked during the winter, can clear the mind and establish a stress-free environment. Click here for Top Knobs Decorative Hardware Care and Maintenance Guide.  

Small Changes, Big Impact 

There’s no better way to bring new life to a room than with seamless design decisions that leave a lasting impression. Be it a fresh coat of paint to create an accent wall, new wall art or refreshing decorative fixtures, minimal updates have a significant influence over the look and ambiance of an entire room. With over 4,500 different styles of decorative hardware, Top Knobs offers a wide variety of styles for every season. Click here to view Top Knobs’ 2023 catalog. 

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Beautiful Bathroom Designs Round Up

Spring is in full bloom…which means it’s the perfect time to begin planning an upgrade to your bathroom! From neutral and natural to bright and bold, there’s a variety of ways to update the look of your bathroom to reflect your personal style.  

Whether you’re looking to create a luxurious in-home spa, or simply update your bathroom with new decorative hardware and accessories, we’ve rounded up our recent favorite Top Knobs bathrooms for some fresh design inspiration! 

Whimsical Wallpaper

Beachy Cabana Bath

Bring the Drama

Sleek and Modern

Farmhouse Chic

Fun and Funky!

Red and Daring

Color, color, color!

Tile Takeover

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Top Knobs Decorative Hardware Care and Maintenance Guide

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the hardest working rooms in the home, and keeping these spaces neat and tidy can often feel like a tedious task. But, consistent upkeep of these areas doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. A little TLC each night goes a long way, especially when it comes to decorative furnishes.

Below, we share our simple guide to cleaning and maintaining your Top Knobs knobs and pulls:

Product Care Do’s:

  • Before cleansing your cabinet hardware, check each knob and pull is securely fashioned to the cabinet drawer or door. If any piece feels loose, simply tighten it with an appropriately sized screwdriver.
  • Top Knobs’ products should be cleaned only with warm water and dishwashing liquid solution. Warm water is recommended as it will help loosen any stuck-on substances.
  • To clean, gently apply the solution to the knobs or pulls with a soft, non-abrasive washcloth or sponge. Lightly wipe the surface of each knob and pull, making sure to sanitize the front and back of each piece.
  • Using a clean washcloth or sponge, rinse off the soap solution with warm water.
  • To dry, towel knobs and pulls with a soft and clean non-abrasive cloth, like a tissue or napkin.

Product Care Don’ts:

  • Do not install Top Knobs’ decorative hardware outside. Our knobs and pulls are meant for interior use only, unless specified otherwise.
  • Harsh cleaners, chemicals or waxes are not to be used to clean knobs and pulls as these will erode the finishes and void warranty.
  • Water and soap residue should not be left on the products will also erode the finishes and void warranty.
  • Never use an abrasive surface, steel wool, wire brush, scrapes, etc. to clean your hardware, as rough surfaces will chip away at the finishes.
  • Top Knobs’ knobs and pulls should not be removed from cabinetry for cleaning. Each piece can be cleaned using the steps above, never left to soak or rise under the sink.

Lifetime Warranty

Top Knobs warrants for the lifetime of the original consumer purchase that the products will be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship.

The Top Knobs Limited Lifetime Warranty is a statement of confidence to our customers about the reliability of Top Knobs products, which are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality, style, appearance and durability. This warranty reflects a tradition of excellence and a commitment to superior manufacturing, innovative design, and craftsmanship dedicated to you, our customer. This warranty is our pledge to you that we will proudly stand behind our products for as long as you own them.

What is covered?

This warranty covers any defects in material and craftsmanship. This warranty applies only to the original consumer purchase and is non-transferable. For products purchased before 2010, a one-year warranty is applicable. Any of our products purchased in 2010 or after are covered by our lifetime warranty.

What is not covered?

This warranty does not apply to any Top Knobs product which has been subject to misuse, improper installation, improper care, accident, natural disaster, corrosive air, outdoor use or has been altered. Products may experience changes in appearance due to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is not a defect and is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover any damages or expenses caused by any defective product.

For additional information about our lifetime warranty, click here.

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