Top Knobs Decorative Hardware Care and Maintenance Guide

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the hardest working rooms in the home, and keeping these spaces neat and tidy can often feel like a tedious task. But, consistent upkeep of these areas doesn’t have to be an all-day affair. A little TLC each night goes a long way, especially when it comes to decorative furnishes.

Below, we share our simple guide to cleaning and maintaining your Top Knobs knobs and pulls:

Product Care Do’s:

  • Before cleansing your cabinet hardware, check each knob and pull is securely fashioned to the cabinet drawer or door. If any piece feels loose, simply tighten it with an appropriately sized screwdriver.
  • Top Knobs’ products should be cleaned only with warm water and dishwashing liquid solution. Warm water is recommended as it will help loosen any stuck-on substances.
  • To clean, gently apply the solution to the knobs or pulls with a soft, non-abrasive washcloth or sponge. Lightly wipe the surface of each knob and pull, making sure to sanitize the front and back of each piece.
  • Using a clean washcloth or sponge, rinse off the soap solution with warm water.
  • To dry, towel knobs and pulls with a soft and clean non-abrasive cloth, like a tissue or napkin.

Product Care Don’ts:

  • Do not install Top Knobs’ decorative hardware outside. Our knobs and pulls are meant for interior use only, unless specified otherwise.
  • Harsh cleaners, chemicals or waxes are not to be used to clean knobs and pulls as these will erode the finishes and void warranty.
  • Water and soap residue should not be left on the products will also erode the finishes and void warranty.
  • Never use an abrasive surface, steel wool, wire brush, scrapes, etc. to clean your hardware, as rough surfaces will chip away at the finishes.
  • Top Knobs’ knobs and pulls should not be removed from cabinetry for cleaning. Each piece can be cleaned using the steps above, never left to soak or rise under the sink.

Lifetime Warranty

Top Knobs warrants for the lifetime of the original consumer purchase that the products will be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship.

The Top Knobs Limited Lifetime Warranty is a statement of confidence to our customers about the reliability of Top Knobs products, which are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality, style, appearance and durability. This warranty reflects a tradition of excellence and a commitment to superior manufacturing, innovative design, and craftsmanship dedicated to you, our customer. This warranty is our pledge to you that we will proudly stand behind our products for as long as you own them.

What is covered?

This warranty covers any defects in material and craftsmanship. This warranty applies only to the original consumer purchase and is non-transferable. For products purchased before 2010, a one-year warranty is applicable. Any of our products purchased in 2010 or after are covered by our lifetime warranty.

What is not covered?

This warranty does not apply to any Top Knobs product which has been subject to misuse, improper installation, improper care, accident, natural disaster, corrosive air, outdoor use or has been altered. Products may experience changes in appearance due to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is not a defect and is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover any damages or expenses caused by any defective product.

For additional information about our lifetime warranty, click here.

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Top Knobs Guide to 2023 Kitchen Design Themes

Over the past few years, kitchens have quickly become the central living hub of the home, with its use transitioning from singular to multi-functional.

As kitchen design and function continue to evolve, so do the trends that define this space. In 2023, kitchens will get a fresh new vibe with updated looks that seriously up the style ante!

Read on as we outline this year’s leading kitchen design themes:

Full on Glam

In 2023, kitchens will receive the full glamour treatment. Straddling the line between chef-worthy and ultra-chic, these luxurious spaces will be equipped with high-end features that are dripping in opulence. By adding dazzling details in the form of premium appliances, smart tools and illuminating fixtures, like our knobs and pulls in Polished Nickel finishes, your kitchen will shine bright like a diamond.

Soft & Neutral

The color spectrum is ever-expanding and preferences for interior chromatic pallets are in constant transition. While 2022 brought bold cabinetry with vibrant greens and blues,  2023 takes a demure turn, with a desire for a more subtle approach when it comes to cabinetry color. This year, neutral wood tones and white hues reign supreme, according to a Houzz study. For those still looking to go bold, stand-out decorative hardware from our Kara series will certainly make neutral cabinetry pop.

Elevated Industrial

As industrial elements pick up in popularity, so does the yearning to incorporate this genre of interior design in every room of the home. Be it genuine building features left exposed or faux decorative embellishments that give way to an architectural and urban atmosphere, one thing is certain, this theme is here to stay. Whether you opt to jump fully into the industrial look or lean towards subtle details, our Cumberland knobs and pulls offer the perfect touch of mechanized detailing, and a structured silhouette suited for a contemporary kitchen.

Modern Marble

Large-format tile and stone slabs in marbleized reliefs are commanding attention in the kitchen this year. From countertops to backsplashes and wrapped islands, these larger-than-life coverings enhance the kitchen with natural beauty. As not to overpower these outstanding surfaces, fixtures in complementing finishes will pick up the nuanced details of kitchen cladding to establish a cohesive and balanced environment. Available in over 30 finish options, our expansive catalog of decorative hooks, knobs, pulls and appliance pulls will complete the look of any kitchen. Find the look that suits your space here.

Bigger & Better

“With great power comes great responsibility,” Voltaire. As the kitchen maintains its role as the workhorse of the home, ancillary space is a must. Although they may still be considered the ultimate luxury, prep kitchens are the way of the future. These hidden gems are accessible from the main kitchen area and offer extra space for meal prep, storage and entertainment. Consider our Coddington collection when adding a scullery or butler’s pantry to your home. New for 2023, this complete line features 5 different complementary suites of cabinet knobs, pulls and appliance pulls that will create a defined yet unified look in each part of your kitchen.

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Top Knobs Set to Present a Diverse Arrangement of Decorative Hardware at KBIS 2023

Top Knobs, the leading manufacturer of decorative kitchen and bath hardware, celebrates the art of design with a multifaceted display at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas, NV., from January 31st- February 2nd, 2023.

Showcasing new and beloved collections, timeless pieces and trending finishes, Top Knobs welcomes attendees to explore its expansive exhibition space at booth #N1817 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during show hours. Notable highlights include:

The Coddington Collection

Top Knobs enters a new era of decorative design with the introduction of its 2023 headlining collection, Coddington. A harmonious synthesis of form and function, Coddington revolutionizes kitchens and baths with industrial elegance. Comprised of five eye-catching suites of knobs, pulls and appliance pulls, each piece within the collection delivers profound details, inviting interiors into the modern age. MSRP: $10.75 – $189.20

The Morris Collection

Regarded as Top Knobs’ most versatile collection to date, Morris, launched in 2023, incorporates stylistic elements from across the design spectrum, blending and drawing inspiration from farmhouse chic, modern industrial, transitional, contemporary, and grand-millennial styles. With five unique suites of knobs, pulls, and appliance pulls, this diverse line allows designers and homeowners to mix and match styles to craft one-of-a-kind spaces reflective of their personal style. MSRP: $9.90 – $186.80

Finishing Touches

With the rise in glamourizing kitchens and baths by infusing these spaces with statement-making fixtures that speak for themselves, Top Knobs has curated a range of finish options that transform cabinetry and furniture into conversation pieces. Offering more than 30 rich metallic options including reigning finishes such as Ash Gray, Flat Black, and Honey Bronze, Top Knobs’ decorative hardware imbues interiors with opulence, drama and old-world charm.

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Top Knobs, Top Designs of 2022

What an exciting year it’s been.

If 2021 was all about reinventing the way we utilize our spaces, 2022 was all about upping the design ante! With vivacious colors, bold patterns, layers of texture, and elements of interest topping the trends list, the joy of interior decor certainly paved the way for designers and homeowners alike to have fun and elevate their spaces, this year.

Before we jump head first into the new year and era of design, join us as we take a look back at some of this year’s leading looks, featuring decorative hardware from Top Knobs:


Mud Room

Laundry Room

Home Bar



Living Room

Home Office

Powder Room

Guest Bath

Primary Bath

Primary Suite

Kids Room


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Top Knobs Culminates the Morris Collection with its Morris Series of Cabinet Pulls

Top Knobs, the leading manufacturer of decorative kitchen and bath hardware, adds the finishing touch to the Morris collection with the inclusion of the Morris series of cabinet pulls.

The Morris series balances the complete collection with its reserved bar pull look. Distinguished by sleek minimal details and a sturdy linear handle, the classic makeup of each pull quite literally opens the door to endless and effortless design possibilities.

“The Morris pulls appends its namesake collection with a layer of flexibility that is transitional in style yet traditional by design,” affirms Christine Zimmer, Top Knobs Product Manager. “In a similar fashion to the collection it belongs to, the Morris series is thoughtfully multifaceted, in that it offers a level of versatility that pairs with stylistic elements from across the design spectrum.”

Morris Series Details:

  • Pull Sizes: 3-3/4”cc, 5-1/16”cc, 6-5/16”cc, 7-9/16”cc, 8-13/16”cc,
    and 12”cc
  • Appliance Pull Sizes: 12”cc and 18”cc
  • Finishes: Ash Gray, Brushed Satin Nickel, Flat Black, Honey Bronze, Polished Chrome and Polished Nickel
  • MSRP: $12.85 – $182.25

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