Struggling with finding space in the kitchen? No matter how big or small your space may be, balancing storage and organization in the kitchen is a common challenge for everyone. However, finding creative solutions to enhance space and streamline organization doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are numerous remedies that don’t require a full kitchen remodel. Read on to discover five space-saving solutions, featuring decorative hardware from Top Knobs!

1. Appliance Garage

From coffee machines and ice makers to toasters and blenders, counters can quickly become overcrowded, especially in compact kitchens. Appliance garages offer the perfect solution, maximizing counter space while elevating kitchens with a touch of grace. Simply tuck countertop gadgets behind closed cabinet doors when they’re not in use and easily pull them out when needed. 

2. Cabinet Inserts

Items like garbage cans and paper towel holders are essential in the kitchen; however, they often occupy valuable space and can diminish the overall aesthetic of the room. Cabinet inserts for trash cans, paper towels and other kitchen utilities, set the scene for optimized organization. 

3. Pull-Out Drawers

While deep cabinets provide exceptional storage, their functionality can be inefficient when items placed in the back cannot be easily accessed. By upgrading existing cabinets with pull-out drawers, dry goods become readily available for busy mornings, meal prep and entertaining.

4. Roll-Out Shelves

Say goodbye to junk drawers and hello to roll-out shelves!  These nifty space savers are often tucked behind cabinet drawers, significantly increasing the customized storage capacity within cabinets. Roll-out shelfs are the perfect spot for smaller items that tend to clutter up drawers, preventing the dreaded build-up of unused items.

5. Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s pantries have become a rising trend among homeowners and designers. These ancillary rooms layer kitchens with a profound sense of luxury. For households with larger families or homeowners who often host large gatherings, butler’s pantries offer crucial space for secondary appliances, cleaning supplies, back stock goods and much more.

When tackling storage and organization in the kitchen, it’s all about finding the solution that works best for you. However, cabinet customization doesn’t have to stop there! With over 4,500 styles of decorative hardware to choose from, Top Knobs is sure to have the ideal accents to complement your cabinetry. Explore all styles of Top Knobs hardware by browsing our 2024 catalog or visiting

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