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Struggling with finding space in the kitchen? No matter how big or small your space may be, balancing storage and organization in the kitchen is a common challenge for everyone. However, finding creative solutions to enhance space and streamline organization doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are numerous remedies that don’t require a full kitchen remodel. Read on to discover five space-saving solutions, featuring decorative hardware from Top Knobs!

1. Appliance Garage

From coffee machines and ice makers to toasters and blenders, counters can quickly become overcrowded, especially in compact kitchens. Appliance garages offer the perfect solution, maximizing counter space while elevating kitchens with a touch of grace. Simply tuck countertop gadgets behind closed cabinet doors when they’re not in use and easily pull them out when needed. 

2. Cabinet Inserts

Items like garbage cans and paper towel holders are essential in the kitchen; however, they often occupy valuable space and can diminish the overall aesthetic of the room. Cabinet inserts for trash cans, paper towels and other kitchen utilities, set the scene for optimized organization. 

3. Pull-Out Drawers

While deep cabinets provide exceptional storage, their functionality can be inefficient when items placed in the back cannot be easily accessed. By upgrading existing cabinets with pull-out drawers, dry goods become readily available for busy mornings, meal prep and entertaining.

4. Roll-Out Shelves

Say goodbye to junk drawers and hello to roll-out shelves!  These nifty space savers are often tucked behind cabinet drawers, significantly increasing the customized storage capacity within cabinets. Roll-out shelfs are the perfect spot for smaller items that tend to clutter up drawers, preventing the dreaded build-up of unused items.

5. Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s pantries have become a rising trend among homeowners and designers. These ancillary rooms layer kitchens with a profound sense of luxury. For households with larger families or homeowners who often host large gatherings, butler’s pantries offer crucial space for secondary appliances, cleaning supplies, back stock goods and much more.

When tackling storage and organization in the kitchen, it’s all about finding the solution that works best for you. However, cabinet customization doesn’t have to stop there! With over 4,500 styles of decorative hardware to choose from, Top Knobs is sure to have the ideal accents to complement your cabinetry. Explore all styles of Top Knobs hardware by browsing our 2024 catalog or visiting https://www.topknobs.com/.

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Top Knobs Introduces Garrison, A Tactile collection of Knurled Decorative Hardware

Top Knobs, the leading manufacturer of decorative kitchen and bath hardware, elevates its product range with the addition of the Garrison Collection. Serving as a symbol of modern sophistication, Garrison offers four suites of knobs, pulls and appliance pulls and two suites of universal backplates, each piece embodying the essence of industrial elegance.

Prestwick pulls and Garrison knobs, Garrison Collection

The Garrison Collection stands out with its unique knurled detailing, which beautifully injects a touch of texture into interiors. Each knob, pull and appliance pull showcases a diverse structured pattern, while the backplates are available in a range of sizes and finishes, offering remarkable versatility. Garrison invites homeowners and designers to explore different layers of materiality, adding depth and visual intrigue in interior spaces.

“Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly looking for ways to integrate a range of textures into spaces to cultivate a sense of visual variety and physical interest,” explains Christine Zimmer, Top Knobs’ Senior Director of Decorative Hardware. “Extending this concept to decorative hardware, the Garrison Collection features various styles of tactile features, enabling the curation of bespoke interiors. Additionally, we’ve included two new styles of backplates to enhance customization and individuality even further.”

Garrison Collection Details

  • 336 pieces
  • Six Suites: Burnham, Dempsey, Garrison, Prestwick, Radcliffe and Wescott
  • Knobs and T-Knobs available in Burnham, Dempsey, Garrison and Prestwick ranging in size from 1 1/8” to 3”
  • Pulls available in Burnham, Dempsey, Garrison and Prestwick ranging in size from 3 3/4” c-c to 12” c-c
  • Appliance Pulls available in Burnham, Dempsey, Garrison and Prestwick ranging in size from 12” c-c and 18” c-c
  • Backplates available in Wescott and Radcliffe ranging in size; 1 1/4″ 1 1/2″ for knobs, 3 3/4” c-c to 18” c-c for pulls
  • Finishes: Ash Gray, Brushed Satin Nickel, Flat Black, Honey Bronze, Polished Chrome and Polished Nickel
  • MSRP: $7.60 – $202.00

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Top Knobs’ Top 2024 Kitchen and Cabinetry Trends

Has the start of the new year stirred up the idea of renovating your kitchen or refreshing cabinetry? Keeping up with emerging fads can be challenging, but is essential for curating spaces that are both visually appealing and highly functional. Start planning your next home project with our  guide to 2024’s top kitchen and cabinetry trends!

Cheers to Dedicated Beverage Centers!

From the first cup of coffee in the morning to a relaxing happy hour cocktail, dedicated beverage centers are taking over modern kitchens. Homeowners are seeking ways to efficiently store, access and prepare an array of drinks such as coffee, lattes, wine, cocktails and more. These beverage centers often include appliances like espresso machines, in-cabinet mini-fridges and ice makers.

Beverage centers are strategically positioned near living rooms and entertainment areas for seamless and convenient hosting. To create cohesion between these ancillary spaces and the kitchen, we recommend decorating with the same cabinetry and decorative hardware. With an extensive array of knobs and pulls in a number of sizes we offer perfect pieces to establish impeccable balance.

Green with Envy

The desire to connect our homes with nature is here to stay in 2024. Expect to see kitchen aesthetics to shy away from neutral, monotone palettes and lean towards softer, Earthy tones, with green leading the way. From shades of sage to emerald, green is the dominant choice for cabinetry this year. For flawless harmony, consider pairing green cabinetry with hardware in our Honey Bronze finish.

Tactile Textures

Many designers and homeowners are veering away from exclusively smooth surfaces and instead are embracing raw finishes and tactile details. By integrating a range of textures like fluted materials and knurled detailing, basic kitchen designs are transforming into dynamic environments. Our latest addition to the Top Knobs family, the Garrison Collection, features six suites of knobs, pulls, appliance pulls and backplates, each piece featuring knurled texture. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to add coarse finishes into their next refresh or remodel.

Contrasting Cabinets

Looking to infuse color into your kitchen but unsure of where to begin? Using cabinets with contrasting tones is a simple way to introduce color into your space without overwhelming the whole room. Straying away from the shade on the main cabinets, designers and homeowners are now selecting a more striking hue for the island cabinets. We recommend also incorporating a variety of knobs and pulls for added visual intrigue.

Out with White, In with Wood!

In 2024, the all-white kitchen trend is undeniably on the decline. Instead, there’s been a shift to wood tones for added warmth and structure. Throughout kitchen designs, we’re seeing a resurgence of wood accents among cabinetry, flooring and architectural detailing. Opting for lighter wood finishes like white oak or natural oak is ideal to ensure your choice remains contemporary and isn’t outdated. We suggest pairing lighter wood cabinetry with hardware in our Flat Black finish.

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Top Knobs Prepares to Bring Cutting Edge Design to KBIS with New Products that Invigorate the Senses

Top Knobs, the leading manufacturer of decorative kitchen and bath hardware, enters a new era of design as the brand unveils a new range of products at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 27 – 29, 2024.

Embracing innovation and creativity, Top Knobs cordially welcomes attendees to immerse themselves at our booth #N1817,Christine Zimmer, Top Knobs’ Senior Product Director. “Here, visitors can engage firsthand with new and treasured collections alike.” Notably, Top Knobs promises a headline collection that rivets the senses with details that captivate both physically and visually:

The Garrison Collection

An ode to contemporary elegance, the Garrison Collection serves as a catalyst for curating bespoke interiors, rich with electric energy. Comprised of six suites of knobs, pulls, appliance pulls and backplates, each piece in the new line offers a hint of knurled texture that envelops cabinetry in raw finishes and tactile details. Open the door to a unique sensory experience, guided by the raised ridges, linear fluting and diamond-shaped patterns that sculpt this vanguard range.

The Ryland Collection: Ash Gray Finish Addition

Launched in 2020, the Ryland Collection of decorative hooks features familiar styles that complement some of Top Knobs’ most beloved suites, including: Bergen, Emerald, Reeded, Kara, Juliet, and Hillmont. Now available in Ash Gray, Ryland further adds to the coordination of the home by extending this ultra-chic finish to kitchens, baths and utility spaces.

2024 Literature

Top Knobs offers the industry’s most extensive line of premium quality cabinet, drawer, and bath knobs, pulls and other hardware, created to suit all tastes and styles. With over 4,500 kitchen, bath and closet designs, the beautifully designed and easy to navigate product catalog and brochure promise to be the ultimate source of kitchen and bath inspiration.

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Top Knobs, Top Designs of 2023

‘Tis the season of reflection!

From mesmerizing shades of blue to daring wallpaper selections, intricate tile patterns and bold decorative finishes, interior design in 2023 was all about expressing individuality! Designers and homeowners alike continued to make bold decor choices throughout the year, while seamlessly infusing their inner personalities into their creations. 

Before we ring in the new year, it’s time to look back on some of our favorite designs of 2023, featuring decorative hardware from Top Knobs:



Laundry Room

Home Bar



Living Room

Home Office

Powder Bathroom

Guest Bath

Primary Bath

Primary Suite

Kids Rooms


Top Knobs’ Top Pick

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