Top Knobs’ Trending Decorative Finishes

Designing a home has never been more exciting. Whether you’re starting a new build or simply redesigning a room, there are more options than ever to bring a space to life.

From material selection to color palette coordination, and every detailed decision big or small, the art of interior decorating allows designers and homeowners to explore their creative roots and infuse each project with dynamism and energy.

At Top Knobs, we believe your home should reflect your personal style and when it comes to furnishings, we say “let the fixtures do the talking”. With over 30 finish options, our knobs and pulls coordinate with schemes to become the finishing touch that completes every design.

Read on as we sound off on our top finishes that are trending this season:

Flat Black

Flat Black has become the go-to decorative hardware finish for designers and homeowners over the last few years and is still proving to reign supreme.

Always in style, this opulent shade pairs well with every vision ranging from traditional to contemporary and style in between.

Ash Gray

Invite drama to interiors without completely going to the dark side dark by adorning cabinetry with decorative hardware in Ash Gray.

A luxe alternative to the deep black finishes that have been trending in home design, this charcoal pigment creates a moody ambiance that complements a range of colors.

Honey Bronze

A perfect marriage of old-world brass and modern gold, Honey Bronze lends a chic twist to the time-honored aurous hue.

Warm, inviting and deliciously captivating, Honey Bronze hardware establishes a relaxing atmosphere to be relished for years to come.

Polished Nickel

Illuminating and refined, Polished Nickel adds classical charm to interior spaces.

Its adaptive color and lustrous surface make it a desirable option for cabinet drawers and doors as well as appliances.

Brushed Satin Nickel

A cool alternative to its polished counterpart, Brushed Satin Nickel lends a smooth velvety finish to kitchen and bath cabinetry.

This versatile hue can be paired with a wide variety of color palettes and decor making it a popular choice for today’s modern designs. 

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Inspired by the glamour of vintage design, decorative hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze invites a rich and luxurious ambiance to interior environments.

When placed upon cabinetry in a room filled with natural light, Oil Rubbed Bronze instantly catches the eye with its striking metallic sheen.

Tuscan Bronze

With influences rooted in traditional Italian design, Tuscan Bronze elevates a room with deep amber undertones that instantly brighten up cabinetry with a shimmering glow.

Highlighted with nuances of copper accents, knobs and pulls in this ocher overtone blanket interiors in a cozy atmosphere.

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Top Knobs Introduces the Clarence & Cumberland Series to the Regent’s Park Collection

Top Knobs, the leading manufacturer of decorative kitchen and bath hardware, introduces the Clarence and Cumberland series to the Regent’s Park collection of knobs, pulls and appliance pulls.

Distinguished by layers of character that begin at the base of each knob and pull and travel through the body of each piece, the Clarence series beautifully adapts to any genre of interior design with its transitional aesthetic. The pulls that make up the Cumberland series take a more avant-garde approach with a highly defined handgrip that is the epitome of industrial chic.

“The Clarence and Cumberland series showcases the versatility and depth of the Regent’s Park Collection,” says Christine Zimmer, Top Knobs Product Manager. “Both lines are founded on traits of strength and fortitude, they are contemporary, clean and speak to the very essence of British design.”

Clarence Series Details:

  • Knob Sizes: 11/4” round knob and 2” T knob
  • Pull Sizes: 3 3/4” cc, 5 1/16” cc, 6 5/16” cc, 7 9/16” cc, 8 13/16” cc and 12” cc
  • Appliance Pull Sizes: 12” cc and 18” cc
  • Finishes: Ash Gray, Brushed Satin Nickel, Flat Black, Honey Bronze, Polished Chrome and Polished Nickel
  • MSRP: $8.40 – $166.0

Cumberland Series Details:

  • Pull Sizes: 3 3/4” cc, 5 1/16” cc, 6 5/16” cc, 7 9/16” cc, 8 13/16” cc and 12” cc
  • Appliance Pull Sizes: 12” cc and 18” cc
  • Finishes: Ash Gray, Brushed Satin Nickel, Flat Black, Honey Bronze, Polished Chrome  and Polished Nickel
  • MSRP: $13.80 – $178.50

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Top Knobs Launches New Social Media Mood Board Campaign

Top Knobs, the leading manufacturer of decorative kitchen and bath hardware, announces the 2021 Mood Board Campaign. Top Knobs is calling on architects and designers to showcase their design inspirations and innovations by posting their mood boards, featuring Top Knobs hardware, for a chance to be featured on Top Knobs’ social media channels.

The campaign, which runs from August 2021 through December 2021, celebrates the art of visual design and thoughtfully crafted presentation.

On the first Monday of each month, starting in August, Top Knobs will announce a theme, via social media, as a guideline for participants to follow. Design professionals are then invited to post their mood board, inspired by the given theme, to their own social channel. Participants are asked to tag Top Knobs and use the hashtag #TopKnobsMoodBoard for a chance to have their design reposted with credit on Top Knobs’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

“Every month, Top Knobs lends creative encouragement to our design community in the form of meticulously curated flat lays and mood boards,” says Warren Ramsland, President of Top Knobs. “We’d like to turn the tables and offer an opportunity for talented design professionals to share their ingenuity, craftsmanship and personal style with their peers and celebrate their talent with our vast network.”

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Hidden Gems: 6 Spaces to Enhance with Decorative Hardware

When incorporating decorative hardware into the home, two rooms instantly come to mind, the kitchen and bath. Traditionally, knobs and pulls were placed on cabinetry in these spaces as a finishing touch that adds personality and style to the room.

Today, we’re going to share a little secret about decorative hardware that will cast an alluring impact on the entire home…

Are you ready?

Decorative hardware can be installed in every room!

The right knobs and pulls have the power to transform any room or piece of furniture into a custom creation.

Step out of your kitchen and bath comfort zones and read on for inspiration as we share six spaces to enhance with decorative hardware.

Glamorized Closets

Replicate your favorite clothing store by spicing up your closet.

If space allows, add in a charming dresser embellished with jewelry-inspired knobs and pulls. The Crystal collection is perfect for closets. Place a clothing rack at its side to make outfit curation a breeze.

If short on space, install custom shelves to neatly house apparel. Install glamourous hooks from the Ryland collection to display accessories.

Soothing Entertainment Settings

Movie nights are about to become a bit more dramatic.

As the focal point of most living rooms, the entertainment console demands attention. Give it the facelift it deserves by dressing it with decorative pieces that won’t go unnoticed.

Warm bronze tones are a great option for this room. The Honey Bronze finish establishes a calming vibe for those cozy nights in.

Dynamic Dining Rooms

Impress the guests at your next dinner party by serving more than a delicious meal. Dazzle them by decorating the room with statement-making hardware.

From buffet tables and credenzas to china cabinets, each piece of furniture beacons its own set of knobs and pulls that will transform it into a conversation piece.

The Brixton series works like magic in this room. The captivating details found on the knobs and pulls effortlessly draw the eyes in.

Enchanting Entryways

The foyer is the first glimpse guests have of your home.

Leave a lasting impression on each person who walks through the door by designing an inviting space. Set the tone with a series of built-ins where visitors can take a seat, remove their coat or shoes and make themselves comfortable in your home.

Enhance this space even more by adding functional storage accessorized by stylish and modern Flat Black pulls. This will provide guests with a safe space to store their belongings.

Chef Worthy Pantries

The pantry is the perfect area to be adventurous and experiment with design.

Although hidden, the pantry is an extension of the kitchen and arguably one of the most used sections of this part of the home. As a place reserved for meal prepping, it should spark creativity and flavor and serve as an inspiration for recipes.

In this room, opt for a daring cabinet color, one that you’ve always wanted to try, then take the look one step further with contrasting knobs or pulls for added interest.

Elevated Nooks

Be it the end of a hallway, the unused side of a kitchen or a large blank wall, there’s always an unused section of the home begging for some TLC.

Whether you plan for a small workspace, reading corner or crafting zone, transforming this unused space into a beloved spot is simple.

Start with a fresh coat of paint to define the space, personalize with wall decor and add in a piece of furniture that fits your needs. Accessorize the space even further by upgrading the hardware on your furniture selection. The Hopewell pulls are sure to make a statement that will complete your space.

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Top Knobs Debuts the Excellence of the Regent’s Park Collection with the Introduction of the Kingsmill Series

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